Spiritual Consultant


What is Astrology ?

Astrology helps to heal you. There are many diseases that doctors are not able to find the reason and the cause of it. When this happens, in astrology we relate with the past bad karma of a person. But the question is can we fix that and the answer is YES. The people who approach life in a negative way and negative attitude towards life can have deep rooted health problems in their mind. For any disease to occur, it first comes in the mind and then in the body. Anyone who suffers from a chronic illness has a deep emotional problem. Unless you address that emotional problem, you will not find a permanent solution, no matter what medicine you take. It is important that you delve deep into your own consciousness and find the answer. Astrology will help you to know in advance the illness we are going to have in near future. Astrology can also help to know the good and bad events in our lives and the remedies to overcome the bad events or disease. It is a wonderful science of predictions, if we study Astrology with interest.