Spiritual Consultant


What is vaastu?

vaastu Energy Balancing. Every individual is a bunch of energy. All our physical, mental and cell level systems have their own vibrations. Together they create a specific vibration for each and every individual. When this vibration is being disturbed or made ineffective due to underground electromagnetic radiation it gives you various health problems, which are undetected many a times by modern health testing equipments. Here we treat the premises by lecher antenna and bring your vibrations to your normal level by simple remedies that make you live a very healthy life.

Let me ask you few Questions...

1. Do you have any dispute in your family and with business associates?

2. Do you or any of your dear ones has stressful relationship?

3. Is any of your family members suffering from incurable disease in spite of good diet and daily excercise?

4. Are children not taking interest in study even if you provide them all the facilities like separate study room , tuitions, private coachings?

5. Are you facing issues like late marriage and infertility problems?

6. Are you worried about your slow progress in work and business?

7. Are you having financial crises in spite of your hard working?

8. Is any member of your family having problems like insomnia, sleep walking, incurable disease, depression. Acute fatigue etc.?

9. Are you having any legal problem and dispute or you are not able to sell your property?

10. Are you having disturbed married life and lack of interest in bedroom life?

11. If your answer is ‘YES’ to any or more of these questions then it means that you are having adverse effects of Vaastu.

Don't worry we have solutions for your all vaastu related problems.

We do not believe in demolition. We believe in energy balancing and removing stressful negative energies like geopathic stress from the home and office. We avoid demolition and believe in energy balancing of vaastu with simple and effective remedies.

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